Customer Reviews – MedigapTN

Look No Further

Steve at MedigapTN was very helpful in making sure I had the right coverage. He actually helped me move from one plan to another when my doctor wouldn’t accept a certain medicare advantage plan due to network issues. I have called him multiple times and he’s always available to answer questions and help me with my insurance. He has also helped several of my friends with their coverage as well. If you’d like to know all of the options available to you when making medicare insurance decisions, look no further.

Pam C.

Extremely Valuable Service

MedigapTN provided extremely valuable service as we searched for a Medicare supplement policy. They are knowledgeable of available products and took a lot of time to help us find the policies which met our needs. I recommend them highly.

Richard M.

Get The Answers You Need

I work for a HUD independent apartment complex for residents aged 62 years and older. Residents will now be able to access MedigapTN for Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage Plans and the Medicare Part D Prescription Plans and learn about how MedigapTN can help them get the answers they need regarding their Medicare health insurance needs.

Debbie I.

Excellent Service

Excellent service leading up to the sale with equally good service following the sale. I would give MedigapTN the absolute highest customer service rating!

Robert G.

Knowledgeable, Polite and Personable.

Had a very good experience dealing with Steve. He is very knowledgeable, polite, and personable at the same time.

Gloria R.

Efficient, Helpful and Patient

Steve at Medigap Tennessee is very efficient, helpful and patient.

Mary H.

Help with Medicaid Too

I called with a Medicaid coverage question, and hung up with a plan that allowed me to get 100 percent coverage. It also provided dental, podiatry, a health membership, and paid over the counter supplies. Wow! All because I asked a question about Medicaid.

Valerie T

A Top Score from Us

Steve couldn’t have been more helpful and competent. He found just the Medigap policies we needed at the best price we have seen. His expertise, cordiality and accessibility during a particularly busy week in his schedule earn a top score from us.

Greg R.

Thorough and professional

Steve always returns my phone calls promptly. When I needed help, he stayed on the phone with me as long as it took to get me set up. He is very thorough, careful of details, and professional.

Sharon H.

Helpful, Positive, Great Customer Service

Steve was thorough in his explanations and directed me to the best option for my wife and I and he has offered continued help any time we may have questions or a problem. I will recommend Steve to others because of his helpfulness, positive attitude and overall customer service.

Jim I.