2018 Medicare Part B Premium & Deductible Figures

This Thanksgiving day, I thought would be a good time to give thanks that CMS (the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services) has released the 2018 numbers for review. They often wait until the 11th hour in December to let us know of any changes for the new year, but appear to be on top of things this year.
GREAT NEWS! There are no changes to the Medicare Part B deductible or Medicare Part B Premium for 2018. Better news would be a decrease in premiums and deductibles, but no increases is the next best thing.
The figures have stayed the same for this upcoming calendar year and are as follows:
Medicare Part B Premium: $134/month for any Medicare Part B Enrollees in 2017 & 2018. Generally speaking; those that enrolled into Medicare Part B in previous years should have a lower monthly Part B Premium unless you are in a higher income bracket ($85,000+ as in individual or $170,000+ as a couple), in which case, you may already be paying a higher Medicare Part B premium each month.
Medicare Part B Deductible: $183/year. This figure should apply across the board regardless of income. A lot of you have Medigap Plans that DO NOT cover this annual Part B Deductible (Plan G & Plan N, for instance), but some of you have a Plan F that DOES cover the Part B deductible, however you pay more for that “Cadillac Plan” F.
There are other bits of info worth noting, but the above two figures are the most important to be aware of on an ongoing, annual basis. For a full rundown of Medicare 2018 figures feel free to CLICK HERE…just don’t let it confuse or overwhelm you as much of the info will likely not apply to the majority of Medicare recipients.

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