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I’ve created this section to field some of the frequently asked questions I get via email or phone-call. Please, before you call or email with a question, read through the “HRA Frequently Asked Questions” document located in your AON Customer Portal. If you cannot find it online, just download the PDF file by clicking HERE and review it at your leisure. Please read this file before asking questions as most of your questions will likely be answered after reading that document.

Below are more questions/answers that may apply to you:

Q: “I called Medicare like you instructed, but they still have SHARP on file as my secondary or they don’t have my new Medigap Plan on file as my secondary…what do I need to do?”

A: You have recently switched from one secondary coverage (SHARP) to another (your new Medigap provider you chose) and these things take time for Medicare to process. Rest assured your new Medigap provider must file paperwork with Medicare, letting them know that you now have them as your secondary coverage, but sometimes it takes a bit of time for the left hand to talk to the right hand, so just give it about a month. This is really only an issue if you don’t have or don’t show your new secondary card at the time of service. If you show your new Medigap card when getting service, it will be relayed onto Medicare in the billing process and you will be just fine. If you’d like peace of mind, however, please wait about a month or so after you new plan has gone into effect and then reach out to Medicare to make sure they have your new secondary coverage on file. Some of you were just a bit too eager in calling Medicare is all…remember, the wheels of government and their many departments turn very slowly, so just give them some time to catch up.

Q: “I chose to pay my premiums monthly, quarterly or semi-annually. Can I change to annually now or do I have to wait until next year?”

A: You may call your new Medigap provider at any time and switch to an annual payment. Each company may have a slightly different process for doing so, but rest assured you may change your method of payment at any time. If you do change to annual payment, it will not be for the remainder of the year, however…it will be an annual payment that is for 12 months starting the following month from the month you switch. In other words; if you were to change to an annual payment in full starting in February, you coverage dates would be from February to February of the next year, NOT from February to the end of December of the current year. Keep in mind, switching to an annual payment mid year could add a bit of confusion regarding the claim process with AON, but it certainly can be done.

Q: “Do I have to provide a “paid receipt” from my Medigap carrier to AON in order to get reimbursed?”

A: No, but it will certainly do the trick. In order to get reimbursed quickly (whether you’re paying Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually or Annually), you need to provide AON with two things:

1.) Proof of coverage from the Medigap provider you chose. This can either be a single “schedule page” or multiple pages from your policy that outline the coverage you have, the period/time-frame you are covered for, how you are paying (bank draft, direct bill, credit card payment) and how much it is costing each month, quarter, half-year or year. As long as you submit documents that reflect these items, you should be fine. These various bits of information may be on one page or several pages throughout your policy…it will differ from carrier to carrier. Err on the side of caution and give AON more than what they ask for if you’re unsure as to whether the info you’re looking at is needed. You’d rather give them more than what they ask for than less and then have to go back and forth with different documents. If need be…just send them a copy of your entire Medigap policy…that way you’ll know they have what they need.

2.) A bank or credit card statement from the source you used to pay your premium or a paid receipt from your Medigap provider, proving that you have paid your premium to them. The receipt from your Medigap provider can sometimes take weeks to arrive, so I’d recommend going with the bank/credit card statement instead. If your new statement hasn’t come out yet, you should be able to call your bank/credit card and ask for a specific statement [mid month] that reflects the premium you paid to your carrier. Just explain to them that you need a copy of your statement that reflects the transaction or charge so you can file a claim for reimbursement. This will suffice as proof for AON as it reflects the premium you paid to your Medigap plan provider.


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  1. I’m not able to get on the web site retiree.aon.com/Adventistretirement
    at all today. Is there a new URL?

    Glenda Dale

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      I’m not sure what you mean by “reimbursement policy”, James. You may have the DVH (Dental/Vison/Hearing) policy through SHARP still, but that’s something you would have elected to keep or enroll into when you retired. It’s a white, plastic card that says “DVH” on it and it should shave the Adventist Logo and say “SHARP” on it somewhere. Simply present that wherever you go for service.

  2. I belong to SHARP and would like to know how to get a from to submit for reimbursement for $ spent for hearing airs.

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      Hi Dixie. The fastest way to file a claim is to do so online by logging into your HRA account with AON at the following link: https://retiree.aon.com/adventistretirement

      Once logged in…click on the “HRA” button on the left. That will open a new window called “Your Spending Account”. On the far right side of the page, click on the link that says “Get Reimbursed” and follow the instructions listed to either 1.) File a claim electronically/online, or 2.) Print out your specific claim form to send in for reimbursement.

      You may also call AON at 1-844-360-4714 and have them send you out a physical claim form that is specific to you/your account.

      I hope this helps, but don’t hesitate to reach out if you need further instructions…I’m happy to help: 1-800-431-5431

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