Smooth AON Claim and Reimbursement Process that Works!

Hi there SDA retiree (or any retiree that is working with AON for your HRA – Health Reimbursement Account).

At this point we have confirmation that the claim/reimbursement process works smoothly and quickly. As can be seen in the recent video of filing a claim with AON for my mother, we filed the claim on January 5th. I’m very happy to say that my mother was reimbursed in full (she paid her Medigap premium annually) just 5 days later on January 10th. That’s just five days later (3 business days), so we are very pleased with the speed and efficiency in which her claim was approved and her reimbursement funds were dispersed back into her checking account. I have also gotten confirmation from several other SDA retirees that they have also been reimbursed quickly and smoothly, so don’t delay…get your claim underway ASAP!

This is a great added benefit for going outside of AON for your Medigap plan needs. Not only are you able to save a significant amount of money for doing so, you also get reimbursed much, much faster than if you had gotten your Medigap plan through AON. Now, it’s a bit of a moot point if you are paying monthly as you will simply get the monthly reimbursement amount doled out to you over the course of the year, but if you have paid annually, we now have confirmation that the funds will be dispersed in full (up to your allotted HRA amount) very quickly.

Yes, this claim will need to be done once a year going forward as your premium amount could change annually as you age (depending on where you live and what plan you’ve chosen), but we now know that it’s a very quick/smooth process and you’ll have your funds back in your checking account at the beginning of each year going forward.

If you originally chose monthly, you can switch to a single/annual payment and then simply file the claim as outlined in the instructional video and also get your HRA funds back much faster. The important thing to remember is to have all the proper documents to upload when you file your claim online with AON through your specific client portal. The video outlines the steps in detail, so just review it as many times as you need.

For those that did choose a different payment method other than annually, the only other step [that is not covered in the video] is to choose “yes” to add the “Automatic Reimbursement” option when prompted. Again, this is only for those that chose payment methods of Monthly, Quarterly, or Semi-Annually. The system should prompt you to add the “auto reimbursement” option when you get to that step in the claim process. If you need help…reach out to AON directly and they can also walk you through the process. It is very simple and only requires the one extra “automatic reimbursement” form for those paying any other way than annually.

Of course…don’t hesitate to reach out, we’re here to help if you need some added guidance. Just give us a call: 1-800-431-5431

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  1. My husband and I have run into a snag. When we applied for our Medigap plan G with Mutual of Omaha, we initially chose our premium to be paid monthly. We assumed, incorrectly, that we could switch to an annual payment by paying the balance later. M of O say they cannot accept the balance we had planned to pay in order to switch to an annual payment to cover us until Dec 31 2017. We can, however, send them the full amount for next 12 months, but that would then cover us until end of January 2018. The hitch, as we see it, if we did this, is that if we need to switch to a different policy for 2018, we may have paid for a month of coverage they would not be supplying. Is this supposition correct?

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      Hi Beryl. No snag at all. If you switch plans at any time during the year, you will be refunded for the unused months. They cannot keep premium for months that your plan is not in effect. So, you could go ahead and pay for the next 12 months if you’d like. Where it may get a bit tricky is in the claim process next year. Since you new coverage dates will spill over into next year, you will have to wait until February when your new annual premium payment is made before you can file a claim in full. It’s just more dates to keep track of, but you should be fine if you’re OK with that scenario.

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      Hi Ruth. Certainly! When you get to the point in the process, simply choose the “Email/Fax” option instead of the “Upload” option and it will propagate the correct forms to either fax in or send via snail mail.

  2. Hi Steve:
    We also had a smooth and quick response/refund of our annual premium. Just a few days.

    In the process I learned that I’m able with our Mac desktop to be virtually paperless by printing to a pdf file instead of paper (saves paper and ink!) and then merging multiple pdf files into one pdf file by opening one file using the “open with” option, and open it with “Preview”. Change the “view” menu to show “thumbnail” pages, then drag another pdf file into the thumbnail window and voila–you have a two or more page document. I then printed that document to a new pdf file and had only one file to “upload” to the HRA site. Windows computers will have a different situation.

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      Wonderful, Doug!

      Thank you for adding your process so others can follow suit. It is a similar process with a PC/Windows based machine, there are just a few different terms used. I do understand how those not as tech-savvy as you may struggle, however. Regardless, thank you for sharing as this will be very helpful to other retirees. So glad you had a smooth process and saved a few trees to boot. 🙂

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