Why choose an Independent Agency like Medigap Tennessee?

Video: Why choose an Independent Agency like MedigapTN

We know you have plenty of choices when choosing a Medigap plan, but here's a few reasons why you should let us help you make that decision.

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Steve Thurmond here with Medigap Tennessee…your source for Medicare Supplemental, Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug and Dental Plans in Tennessee * 29 other states.

Here at Medigap Tennessee, we know you have a lot of options when choosing secondary Medicare products so, why get a Supplemental, Advantage or Drug plan through us?

Well…here’s a few reasons to consider:

1.) We’re an independent brokerage:

That allows us to show you ALL of the options available to you in the market. If you call up an insurance provider directly, you’re only going to hear a biased perspective about their products, services and prices and not about their competitors’. We can show you an unbiased view of every provider in the market, what factors make them different from each other and the pros and cons of each company available.

Remember, Medicare supplemental plans are Standardized by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid services, so all the different insurance companies have to provide the same level of coverage as their competitors.

For example; A supplemental plan F with company A has the exact same LEVEL OF COVERAGE as a supplemental plan F from company B, the main difference is how much you pay in monthly premium for the plan from those two different companies and those monthly premium PRICES are NOT standardized they can be very different prices for the EXACT same level of coverage and choosing a plan from the wrong company can literally cost you thousands over the life of a policy.

NOW, while the initial monthly premium price is a big factor in choosing supplemental coverage, there are also other very important points to consider such as; a company’s AM Best insurance rating (it can be graded A+ through F), their average age-increase rate (that is, how much your plan’s premium will increase as you get older each year), their rate increase history (that is, how often they’ve raised rates in the past and by how much), their market penetration (that is; how many people are covered by the plan in a given market, which can also influence a company’s stability and their rates both short and long term) whether or not a company has an application fee or whether or not they offer a household discount (and how much that discount is), and many other factors about each company which may have an impact on which plan will be the best fit for YOU!

Simply put, we help you choose the best coverage at the best price from the best company for your specific needs.

2.) 100% free, no obligation consultations:

While we certainly hope you do let us guide you through the process of choosing a Medicare Supplemental, Medicare Advantage or Prescription Drug Plan, you are under no obligation to actually purchase or enroll into a plan through us, but rest-assured that we don’t charge you anything extra if you do. You can confirm this by calling each provider directly if you’d like…you’ll get the exact same pricing and information from them as you will from us.

How do we get paid, you might ask? Well, we’re independently contracted with all the insurance carriers in the market and they pay us directly when we sell one of their plans, therefore we don’t charge you for our time or expertise and we can provide an unbiased view of ALL of the options available to you.

3.) Ongoing Customer Service:

Original Medicare, Supplemental, Advantage, and Prescription Drug plans do change from time to time, so we provide ongoing communication to all of our clients as these changes occur. Of course you can call us anytime you have questions or concerns about your plan, but we’ll also send you notices of plan changes and annual reminders for insurance checkups. We want to be sure you not only choose the best plan from the start, we want to make sure you’re in the best plan for years to come.

4.) We are accredited and have A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau.

We have hundreds of happy clients and many positive reviews. With all the different rules, timelines and variables…we know Medicare and its many secondary options can be very confusing.

Let us spend some one-on-one time with you so you can make educated decisions when navigating these products.

Remember, Medicare doesn’t cover everything…so, give us a call today at 1-800-431-5431 and let us help you zap-the-gap!

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