Important Information

Thank you for reaching out to us for guidance during the SHARP/AON transition. We have your contact information and we’ll be in touch soon. Here’s some important information you’ll need to know about what to expect next.

Our small company has been humbled by the overwhelming response from the informational video we posted, and we’re doing our absolute best to help as many Adventist retirees as possible. We want to give each and every one of you the care you deserve, so please bear with us as we process all of the requests we’ve received for consultations.

We know it’s poor timing, but our offices will be closed until October 24th due to a prior obligation. Our goal is to make sure each and every request is handled in a timely manner, but there will be a delay due to these circumstances and we hope you understand.

If you’re concerned about not speaking with us prior to your scheduled AON appointment, don’t worry. Go ahead and have your AON appointment and ask them as many questions as you’d like. You DO NOT have to enroll in any plans on your appointment call. It is simply a consultation call for you to ask questions and see what your options are. You can call back at any time before January 1st and enroll into the right Prescription Drug plan for your needs, thereby qualifying you for your HRA reimbursements going forward.

Also go ahead and find out what your drug plan options are on your AON appointment call and get specific pricing for the Medicare Supplemental Plans “F” and “G” that they can offer you. Be sure to write that information down, then get back in touch with us after October 24th and we’ll be able to quickly tell you how much we can save you on a monthly basis for the exact same coverage with a more competitively priced company.

So far we’ve been able to save everyone a significant amount of money on their Medigap Plans by utilizing our free services and guiding them outside of the AON exchange for their Medigap Plan needs – between $30-$100 per month per individual for equal or better coverage!

We’re located in Nashville, TN, but licensed to do business in several states. If we can help you save money in your state, we’ll make it happen. The only exceptions are WA and FL. If you reside in either of those states, we will not be able to help you save any money on your Medigap Plan; therefore, you should stick with AON for both your Prescription Drug Plan and Medicare Supplemental Plan needs. However, please tell your friends and family that live in any other state that we’d love the opportunity to help them save money on their Medigap Plans.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We’ll be in touch soon.


Steve Thurmond
Owner, MedigapTN